10 things that take more time than registering to vote. 

Just a quick one, because despite feeling comatose on the train to work, so much so I’m considering climbing into the luggage rack and having a quick six months’ worth of sleep, I have this sense of urgency dizzying down my spine to ask all my friends who haven’t yet, to register to vote before tomorrow. TOMORROW.

It’s not that I’m suddenly prioritising politics on this blog over my absolute favourite topics, hormones and pastries. It’s just that regularly, as twenty-somethings, or whoever-somethings, we look around at the world we live in and feel unimpressed at what we see, but lost as to how we go about making change. 

We can’t necessarily save the rhinos from our doorsteps. We can’t magic up new rainforests or stop Kanye West from tweeting. 

So when we get a chance to DO something we should take it. Voting in the EU referendum later this month is a chance. If the rest of the country is stark crazy it may not work. But nevertheless it’s an opportunity to have your say, act on your beliefs, do your bit. Why the hell wouldn’t you? 

Let’s be pro-active. If nothing else, it’s an excellent way to feel like an adult, see a new church hall in your neighbourhood and feel like you did the best you could that day, therefore deserving a giant cake… or beer. 

If you’re all like “God I’m so busy though, can’t you see I’m trying to perfect that baked avocado I saw on Pinterest?” or “What if it doesn’t make a difference? I’d rather do something I feel I have more control over, like showering, or eating a grape,” then here are ten things that take MORE time than registering to vote, and aren’t nearly as effective at making your voice heard. 

1. Showering. 

That quickie you have before bed because you got real sweaty walking home from work and generally being a human in June. That takes more time than registering to vote. Even with a cheeky leg shave. 

2. Making a cup of tea.

Obviously only if you make a GOOD cup of tea, and leave the teabag in for a decent amount of time, like any sane person. 

3. Eating a bowl of cereal.

I reckon, actually, you could eat a bowl of Nesquik and register at the same time. Most productive sugar rush of your life. 

4. Searching your own name on Google.

I know this because I’ve done both in the last month. Once you’ve done a pretty thorough name-check and made sure that photo of you dancing on a pool table definitely doesn’t show up on images, you might as well have signed up. 

5. Applying sun cream. 

I’m not saying DON’T apply sun cream because I am the number one fan of all ways not to get cancer. I’m just saying you wouldn’t have to get all sticky if you just stayed inside and registered to vote. 

6. Tinder. 

Voting basically is Tinder. There’s still a good level of judgement, initiative, following your dreams, maybe even changing your future forever. I know you can’t have sex with the referendum, and it might not return your calls but, I’m sorry to say it, you were never being realistic about that one. 

7. Finding matching socks.

If you’ve got a tumble dryer as screwed up as mine this speaks for itself, really. 

8. Stalking your ex on Facebook.

Yup. And they’d probably be fantasising about you a lot more if they knew how politically in tune you are right now. 

9. Eating a Calippo. 

While you’re waiting for it to warm up enough to push it up the tube what else are you gonna do? 

10. Reading this post. 

Seriously. Why are you still here?

So there you have it. No excuses, friends, join the party. Here’s the link: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote 

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