Emma Pritchard

Armour - Web Supporting Image 5I am a writer, performer and improviser based in London.

I write comedy, theatre, copy, inside birthday cards and a blog called 24 Dilemmas which is, because I’m not good at changing web domains, also the name of my website, and its primary purpose.

I don’t have as much time to blog as I used to, because since turning 28 I have discovered, and now spend a lot of time thinking about, my own mortality, and also I have learned how to play Fifa 17.

24 Dilemmas is a pretty unique version of the magic faraway tree; one very haphazard narrative with many branches of adventure, catastrophe and uncertain endings.

Writing credits include Armour (Vault Festival 2019, sold out show), Twistmas (Bunker Theatre, Caspa Arts), The Guardians (Almeida Theatre), Split written and performed with Tamar Broadbent (Brighton Fringe, Leatherhead Theatre, Bunker Theatre and Vault Festival 2018 – winner of Festival Spirit Award).

I am a writer on Channel Four Screenwriting 2019. Resident Playwright at Caspa Arts and under commission by Almeida Theatre Participation. I trained in long-form improvisation at The Free Association and perform with their house team The Millicent Tendrils Experience.

T: @emmarhymeswith I: @emmarhymeswith F: 24dilemmas E: el.pritchard@icloud.com

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