Emma Pritchard

This was a promotional image for my play Armour. ย The closest I will get to actually becoming a professional sportswoman is running back to my house when I panic I’ve left the grill on.

I am a playwright, screenwriter and performer, based in Bromley, Kent. Sometimes I also write inside birthday cards – and once upon a time I wrote a lot on this blog, 24 Dilemmas.

I don’t have as much time to blog as I used to, because since reaching my late twenties I have discovered, and now spend a lot of time thinking about, my own mortality, and also I have learned how to play Fifa 17. In all seriousness though, it’s also because I started to write for a living, and thanks to a little thing calledย being an adultย I now have to prioritise things that pay me over things that don’t.

For more info on me – or if you have stumbled on this website by mistake and want to contact me, it’s best to go via my agent, Frances, here.

24 Dilemmas is like a unique version of the magic faraway tree; one very haphazard narrative with many branches of adventure, catastrophe and uncertain endings. Mostly inspired by and in celebration of millennial anxiety and how much I hate drying my hair. I hope you enjoy it.

T: @emmarhymeswith I: @emmarhymeswith F: 24dilemmas E: el.pritchard@icloud.com


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