Looking backwards, then looking forwards, both hopefully without walking into a lamp post.


Happy New Year you sexy beasts!

Today I started the year as I mean to go on; with a bowl full of Star Wars cereal and a lack of desire to wash my hair. After a week of friends, family, shortbread bingeing, country air, dog envy, wellies, board games, and refusing to go anywhere without my slippers, I’m back in London and ready to get into the swing of things, big time.

Right now I’m thinking about insuring my gadgets – so clearly this is the year I take over the world and become extremely boring.

I wanted to jump on the reflections and resolutions bandwagon even if it’s just giving myself a pat on the back for grating cheese last year without injuring myself and lining up some exciting goals including getting a better rounders bat. 2016 was a bullshit year for us all and some things are hard to recover from. So it’s lucky we’re all superheroes, hey?



  • Starting improvisation classes. It’s all about meeting new friends, playing around and growing in confidence. Plus learning things is SO COOL (said Hermione). Bring on term two.
  • Writing a play with one of my best friends, the one and only Tamar Broadbent (remember her name). We have two shows coming up on January 24 and 27 at The Bunker Theatre so come see please as we don’t have enough grandmas between us to fill 220 seats. (Tickets HERE!)
  • Living in the countryside. Okay, so when I say living in the countryside, really I mean the London/Kent border but in comparison to where I was living before it’s practically the sticks. I love being a 10-minute drive from fields that stretch all the way to the horizon. I might be a city girl in the week, but the weekend is for farms, wellies and fresh air and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


  • Sitting at a table in a hotel and having someone make me a pain au chocolat from scratch.
  • My Macbook has changed my life. I’m dying inside as I type that but having a computer that works without catching fire, doesn’t run out of battery before I’ve opened up a window, and that’s light enough for me to carry into work and write on every day/lunch/commute is the bomb. Apple – you can sponsor me whenevs, babe, you’ve got my number (and everyone’s number you fucking weirdo.)
  • Being in a job I love, with people who are fun and kind, who let me write a staff panto, have an endless snack selection, and which means I can actually pay my rent without having a heart attack is cool. Who knew?


  • Finding my sharks. Period.
  • On starting my tax return, discovering to my amazement I’ve kept my government gateway password in my oyster card holder for an entire year and it’s the first time I don’t need to call up HMRC to get new log-in details. I think that means I’m now responsible enough to get a dog.
  • The people who make my world go round. Eduardo for being my shark dad and other half, my family for being my core and such fun, and all my friendlings for not complaining about coming to my shows, and generally being the best humans on earth.



  • We all know anxiety is a bitch. And whilst my stress levels are down, butterflies are dormant, general throat swelling and stomach churning is stable, it’s still the bane of my life and the journey isn’t over because I’m still a nightmare hypochondriac. So let’s make 2017 a year of more talking about mental health; it really works.
  • Having a second smear test because of an abnormal result was a real piece of dick, and I’m kind of dreading going back for my annual check-up this month. But how lucky are we for the NHS, and how unusual and innovative a start to the year it is when someone spray paints your cervix, and thank god for wine.
  • No one invites cancer and yet it always turns up to the best parties. Losing someone special this year turned my world upside down, and still catches me mid-breath. But the people you love never really leave you; they are in piano keys, and family, and laughter, and sunshine. So here’s to a year of making the most of every single minute and saying I love you.
  • Losing faith in half the country, and then half of America, and also a lot of humankind has been a strange one for us all to deal with this year. None of us have the answers, and I imagine it’s another year ahead of unease, disappointment, frustration and battles that seem impossible. But I have faith in people, in action, in goodness, in kindness and in working together. Let’s make magic happen.
  • One year later, deep in the depths of winter, my allergies are going nowhere. Pretty sure I’ve single-handedly kept Kleenex in business, that 60% of the water in my body is lemon and honey, and I’ve permanently damaged the insides of my sinuses from nasal spray. Consequently I’m thinking about naming my first born Hayfever.


  • I want to be less addicted to my phone. No more stalking Zoella on Twitter and getting annoyed that she spells LOTS with an apostrophe.
  • Exercise has got to make an appearance. My arms feel like playdoh right now and I’d like to have upper body strength for the following hypothetical scenarios; meeting Donald Trump and punching him, riding a whale, and breaking a Terry’s chocolate orange open with my bare hands.
  • More sleep is coming my way and stress is being kicked out the park this year.
  • Taking my bra off earlier in the day is high on the agenda, or perhaps just finding way to discretely not wear one. They are such a pile of shit and I’m having none of it.
  • Laughing as much as possible. Seriously, I want this year to be full of stomach-spasming, side-splitting LOLS.
  • Following on from that I might get an experimental haircut. And also I want to be better at accents. Someone please help me.
  • Instead of trying to be revolutionary and give up lip balm, I just want to make sure I have enough lip balms in every bag, pocket and room in the house so I never hyperventilate when I lose one.
  • I want to give everything I have to creative projects. This year is the year I give it my all. Whether it’s the play, or the podcast, the blog, or getting extremely good at plasticine, I want to have enough faith in myself to grab every opportunity going and make. things. happen.
  • I’d like to do more for charity, join more political protests, read more books, see more films, speak more Spanish, and buy shoes that fit.
  • Finally, I never want to forget the priorities. The people I love to the bottom of my heart, health and happiness, sharks, sleep, protecting the planet, complaining less and acting more, and being kind.
Can I see my future from here?

Happy New Year all of you. Let’s do this. X

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