25 Things I’ve Learned Since Turning 25

So I have been 25 for just over six weeks. I’m guessing my Hogwarts letter must be late? Whatever.

Anyway, a few relatively big things have happened in that space of time actually. I bought some new underwear.

I also feel like I might be getting into pale ale.

Oh, and I moved in with my boyfriend. Yesss. The important part of that story is not the fact we have entered a new phase in our relationship, nor the fact that we have not yet purchased a puppy but we do now have shared responsibility over an ant farm, nor is it about the amount of boxers that just seem to be everywhere right now. Rather, it’s about the fact that my love stretches as far as moving to zone bloody five and I now have a lot of time to think on public transport.

I have periods of quite intense philosophy on trains so here is today’s for ya:

25 Things I Have Discovered Since Turning 25

1. It’s the little things that count. Like riding the front of the bus. And micro pigs.


2. Harry Potter is always there for you, you just need to look in the right places. Like in a second-hand furniture shop after a particularly traumatising bra fitting.

3. Bra fittings are shit.

4. Boys are still from Mars.

5. Legs aren’t going to shave themselves.

6. Being 25 doesn’t stop you from having one too many cocktails and walking into a door.

7. Marmite on toast is still the best food after a night out. And basically every other occasion.

8. You miss different things about being a student and start wanting to relive them – like being sick in a mixing bowl or running up the down escalator too fast and destroying all of your leg skin.

9. Tupperware is the key to most forms of happiness. Even love if you look hard enough.

10. Washing your hair is the worst thing invented.

11. Smoothies and/or carrot sticks automatically cancel out binge-eating all the chocolate fingers YES THEY DO.

12. More people than you think are willing to stand in front of the yellow line. Stay away from them. They are a metaphor for the bad path in life. Stick to the yellow brick road.

13. Every now and then you feel like doing something crazy like dyeing your hair, buying something leather or trying wholewheat pasta. And you just need to go with it.

14. Anything with wool in will warm your heart, whether it’s a pug, a small child, an innocent smoothie or a cactus.

15. Tea is everything.

16. The answer to free food is always yes.

17. You need to love things hard and dream big. Because when things happen for you the feeling is the best ever. Like this morning when I walked into work and there were croissants everywhere.

18. Some things never get old – a good skyline, your favourite memories, gin, pasta and ketchup.


19. A good breakfast makes the world go round.

20. There comes a point in the day, where you’ve lit candles, had a bath and thought about wine five times in one hour and realise you’ve turned into your mother.

21. You’re never too old for Playdoh.

22. You feel sad about things more, like doctors working too hard, dogs missing limbs, people who say they aren’t feminists, how lame your signature is.

23. A nice, big, bold chopping board is rather glorious. Even if you’re using it to straighten out the pages of the book you dropped in the bath.

24. You really miss the Clarks shoe measurer because it was always on your side.

25. One year on and kale is still awful.

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