Six month party – 24 facts about me!

This weekend marks a whole six months since I started 24dilemmas! Say whaattttt?

Let’s not focus on the lack of progress I’ve made in my journey to adulthood. Instead, let’s celebrate!

Here are 24 Facts About Me, because, more than anything else, writing this blog has taught me that there is always more room for oversharing.

  1. My entire family (except me) are professional musicians. Our house is full of instruments. We perform sickening five-part harmonies when we sing happy birthday. My dad has perfect pitch and can tell you if your glass chinks off key at the dinner table or if Delta Goodrem is faking playing the piano. I love them to bits.
  2. I can’t wear a watch because the idea of something ticking against my wrist makes me feel sick.
  3. As a child, my dream was to travel to France across the sea in a rubber ring and/or become a vet.
  4. Somewhere on Spotify there is a recording of me aged 6 singing a song about a cat flap.
  5. Idina Menzel told me I had beautiful cheekbones.
  6. I can smell toast and marmite all the time. I once read this is a symptom of a stroke. I think about this a lot.
  7. I am completely addicted to lip balm.
  8. On my 14th birthday I was on holiday in Italy, got hit by a motorbike, and a stunning paramedic wearing a bandana sang happy birthday to me.
  9. I passed my driving test first time with 3 minors but I am the worst parker ever.
  10. I once sang in the same microphone as Craig David.
  11. I have never dyed my hair but I straighten it every day.
  12. My feet are in between sizes so I get a lot of blisters. Ed says my second toe looks like ET.
  13. My mum used to teach Ed trumpet and when I was about 13 I used to tell my best friends that we would one day get married. He didn’t know this for a long time. I’m basically every stalker’s happy ending.
  14. I have never smoked a cigarette.
  15. I have lost my grandparents on one side. They were two of my favourite people to have ever walked this earth. I think about them a lot – their love, their strength, their bravery, their kindness and their hope. I want the challenges they experienced at the end of their lives and the battles they fought to define the way I live my life.
  16. I am not religious. If I can choose, I would like to try being a giraffe in my next life.
  17. I am worried about the environment and want to do more to save it.
  18. Apparently the first book I tried to read was a thesaurus, aged 18 months.
  19. I have terrible eyesight. I blame this for my inability to do a double pirouette.
  20. I have a bad ankle right now but I worry my support makes me look like I have gout.
  21. I can’t stand still while I brush my teeth or talk on the telephone. I am a serious pacer.
  22. I hate biting into apples.
  23. Hats do not suit me. Neither do ear muffs. It’s hugely disappointing.
  24. I am convinced I once saw a bird flying backwards but no one believes me.

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