Hello Adelaide.

One day I will do a title that is a title and not a tragedy.

Oh hii there!

I apologise in advance if none of this makes any sense. I keep encountering cockroaches on my walk home and so I’m basically constantly paralysed with fear.

This post is coming to you from leafy, sunny, Southern Australia, in the heart of Adelaide!

What’s Adelaide like, you wonder?


It’s green…

It’s dry…

It’s friendly…

And it’s so hot I sweat into my granola every day.

As you probably know, I am in Adelaide with my delectable and mega-talented friend and future superstar Tamar Broadbent, producing her musical comedy show All By My Selfie at the Fringe Festival here!

Tam and I are coming across pretty decently in Adelaide I think. Last night we went to the fringe launch party and quickly discovered we were the only ones who hadn’t gone home before to change/drop off our belongings, because our leafy cabin is about 5000 miles from the centre of town and we have to walk past the aforementioned cockroaches to get there.

So we turned up in tiny shorts and giant rucksacks to a pretty epic outdoor disco and had to dance, which I’m presuming is how Australians network (?), hunched over, supporting our loads, like very professional tortoises, until we felt brave enough to walk home. Living. The. Dream.

I’ve been feeling a bit anxious in Adelaide. I think it’s because on the first day I discovered there is a small but very toxic species of octopus here and I feel betrayed by all the wildlife now.

I’m also kind of devastated as I was determined this would be the festival when everyone would take me seriously, so I’ve made a really concerted effort to not wear any crop tops (I KNOW) and on the first day I wore the most grown up outfit I brought away with me and still got told I look too young to be a producer.

So perhaps Australia is the country in which I can begin my child star career after all. And start all over again and get a part in Neighbours. And be the next Delta Goodrem.

In other news…

There was a lizard in our bathroom.

This really confused me one night as I couldn’t tell whether I was sad because I missed Ed or because there was a lizard in my bathroom. Travelling is hard. I guess trying to separate feelings about my boyfriend and feelings about wayward reptiles is part of the whole finding myself thing.

All this iffy-ness I’m putting down to the significant climate change between Adelaide and Melbourne and the fact that my body is suffering significantly because I fed it ice cream every day in Melbourne and I haven’t had any in Adelaide yet and it’s affecting my hormone balance, like a…like a diabetic dairy cow.

But Adelaide, you cheeky minx, you will not change me.

Underneath the rucksack and the glazed lizard-fearing eyes I am still the same old (or not old enough) me. Just with extra humidity hair, overworked sweat glands and full-length tops…for now.

I still spent ten minutes last night before I went to sleep making a mental list of why I’m the same as Taylor Swift. FYI it’s basically everything except I’m not famous and I’m not Taylor Swift and don’t have as good lunchboxes.

I still love the little things. My favourite thing about Australia so far is that a pain au raisin is called an escargot. A snail croissant. You’re welcome.

I haven’t got any better at decision making. At home I come up in hives if I have to choose a flavour of soup and here I’m changing my clothes at least 3 times before leaving the cabin even though I only have one pair of flip flops and it’s like “Do I wear that tank top or that tank top or that tank top?”

So I admit there’s room for improvement.

I can’t think of how to end this blog because it’s bed time and I’ve gone back to thinking about Taylor Swift. So see you all next time… Big kisses!

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